Rim Repair, Remove Road Rash

What is curb rash on your rims? And how you can get rid of it

Curb Rash refers to the scratches that appear on your rims when you hit a curb and if you need rim repair Maryland than visit the link. This mostly happens during parallel parking, going through drive through windows or at ATM machines.

Most rims these days are made of soft alloys hence cannot hold up to abrasion against the hard concrete curbs. These scuffing really mess up the look of your beautiful alloy rims.

Fortunately, such damage is fixable. You can perform curb rush repairs on your rims in order to get rid of the scratches and restore them to the original look, this however depends on the extent of the damage. If the abrasion is so extreme to the extent that the aluminum underneath the clear coat on your rims are deteriorated, allot more work has to go into the restoration process.

The only instance where you may be forced to replace the entire wheel if the degree of damage affects the structural integrity of the wheel, such extreme damages occurs in instances when you hit the curbs at really high speeds.

For rims that have a protective coat, light scratches on them appear white rather than the gray metal color. This is one of the most common type of curb rush damages. Such damage is much easier to repair. Restoration of such a wheel involves smoothing and polishing the clear coat.

When the scuffing on your rim are so deep they go beyond the clear coat, the scratches have to be smoothed down. Once the wheel is as smooth enough, a coat of paint is used to cover up the wheel and conceal the damages. After painting, a new clear coat is added to give it the gleam of a brand new rim.

There are plenty of Curb Rash repair services than can do these repairs at a fee. Most common repairs usually take up to 30 mins. However, you can also save on cash by making these repairs on your own. All you need is sand paper, aluminum polish and wheel paint that matches the color of your rims.

The first step is sanding down the scratched parts of the rim. Begin with coarse grained sandpaper first and finish with the finest grained for a smooth finish. Once you have completely removed all the grazing, paint the wheel in the color you wish and finish off with a clear coat of aluminum polish.

Curb rush repairs can be performed on all kinds of rims to make them look brand new. Even professionally done repairs cost only a fraction of the cost of the entire wheel making curb rash repairs a better option than replacing the entire rim.