Round Shoe Laces Designs

How to Pair Your Top of the Line Nike’s w/ Top of the Line Laces?

Shoe laces are often overlooked by even the biggest fashion freaks, but they can contribute a lot in your style quotient and personality (visit to find out more). They are not just the strings to tie the shoes, but can add style to your personality. There are various kinds of shoe laces that we can go for. They are mostly paired with shoes according to attire and the kind of shoes. Some can be sort of decent while some can be bright and bold. They can add professionalism or can make your style funky.

Here we’ll discuss about kinds of shoe laces and about how to pair your top of the line Nikes with top of the line laces.

Different kinds of shoe laces:

They come in wide variety of colors and shapes. Some may be round and some may be totally flat.

Dress shoe laces: They are mostly paired up with the professional attire and formal shoes. They are round in shapes, but come in different colors. These are generally paired with the leather shoes and laces are paired according to the matching color of shoes. But you can also go for contrast colors to match with your ties.

Round Shoe Laces: They are mostly used with the athletic shoes. They can also be paired with the dress shoes, as they are hollow from inside and also round in shapes. Most of the hiking shoes are also paired up with the round shoe laces. They are often covered with some materials and they are hard to break.

Flat Shoe Laces: They are one of the most popular kinds of laces, they are mostly paired with sports shoes and casual wears. They are easy to bind and are easy to fit in shoes. They are the ones that you can pair up with your best Nike shoes, and your best casual wears. They are very soft and flexible and are available in different widths.

Fat Shoe Laces: These are somewhat wider than the normal flat shoe laces. They are mostly paired with the casual and athletic shoes. They are considered to be coolest kinds of laces round the corner. They are soft and easy to tie. Their width can even range up to 20 mm. They look very attractive in single bright color.

Funky Shoe Laces: These laces come in bright and bold colors. Printed patters are designed on such shoe laces, and they can be anything from cartoon characters to any geometric shapes. They are popular even among the adults, while basically they are designed for kids. They can be paired with decks and boots. Casual boots can also be greatly paired with the funky shoe laces.

So, now if you go to buy pair of shoes for you, never ponder much on how to pair your top of the line Nikes with top of the line laces. Instead do consider the kind of laces paired up with them. They can really add style quotient to your shoes and make them look more striking than they actually are. Always try to match a proper shoe lace for your shoes.