Jordan Shoe Strings

Various Methods of Tying Shoe Laces: A Quick Look

What are Jordan Shoelaces?
Prior to discussing the various methods of tying shoe laces, let us have a quick look to know what shoe laces are. Shoe laces are used to secure your foot-wears. They are also known as boot laces or shoestrings. They are a pair of strings or cords for your shoes which have to pass through a series of loops, hooks or holes and lock your shoes in place. You can either loose or tighten the lacings to put your feet in and out of the shoes.

Constraints You May Face While Tying Them:
Incredible though it may sound, but it is true that even the most ordinary shoe with just 6 pairs of eyelets can be tied in two-trillion ways. However, it is not practically possible to tie shoe laces in all 2 trillion ways. There are a few constraints that come across in trying innovative ways of tying shoelaces.

Shoestrings have to pass through each eyelet of your shoes at least once.

• Each eyelet of your shoes should play a part in pulling your shoes together.

• The finally formed pattern has to be stable.

• In any case, the laces should not be difficult to loosen or tighten.
Some Popular Techniques of Tying Shoe Laces:

Zipper Lacings:
As it is apparent from its name, zipper lacings appear like a giant zip when they are tied up. This technique holds the strings tightly in place. This type of technique is perfect for tying roller skates.

Straight Lacing:
This is the simplest and the easiest way to tie shoelaces. In this technique, one end of the shoe lace runs right from the bottom of the shoe to the top whereas the other end pass through all the eyelets. Though, this technique is simple and easy, it can be used for the foot-wears that have even pair of eyelets only. This technique often results in uneven lengths on both the sides.

Lattice Lacing:
This technique of tying shoe strings is perfect for the footwear that has a wide gap like sneakers and boots. The drawback of this technique is: It is difficult to tighten the laces, but the result has an aesthetic appeal.

Zigzag or Criss Cross Lacing:
This is a traditionally used method of tying shoe strings. This is the method you and your near and dear ones must be using daily. The shoe laces criss cross as they go up till you tie them in a shape of a bow.