Dulles Airport Rides

Dulles Airport Transport

Washington Dulles airport is an airport located 26 miles outside of Washington D.C that has offers a limo service in VA for all VA residents. There are many ways one can get to Dulles airport from Washington DC through the ground transportation. One is able to get to the airport through driving, riding in the Metrorail silver line or using the ground transportation options.

Taxis are the most commonly used means go to Dulles airport. The taxis pick one from his or her doorstep to the airport. These are the best means of transport when one has limited time to get to the airport. The cubs are easier and faster. There are different fleets of taxi that are around near the airport so one has the chance to choose the cub that suits him or her best. The advantage of using a registered group of taxi is that it will be allowed to pack in the airport as most of them have their parking space set aside. Some of the groups of taxis that take people to Dulles airport include; Washington D.C taxi service, Washington Flyer Taxi, super shuttle taxis and many more.

The second option to use to go to Dulles airport is by using express buses. These are direct buses that are scheduled to take people to and fro the air. The Washington silver flyer buses have different departure tine which is within 30 minutes apart and the passenger get to know of their departure time through announcement that are made inside the airport to alert passengers of their appropriate buses. This is the cheapest means of transport from Washington to Dulles airport. The cheapest buses are the Washington flyer, Metro to L’Enfant plaza, Rosslyn buses or the Metro bus 5A which will take one to Dulles airport at $6.00. When using the buses one needs to have the exact change or use a Smart Trip card because the bus drivers do not carry any cash on them.

The Metrorail is also a means of transport from Washington dc to Dulles airport. There are five new silver line stations that run eastwards of Dulles. According to authorities, there are plans to construct elevated railway line through the airport which will start running in 2018. With this improvement, business is going to boom in the area, but it’s important to note that the Metrorail doesn’t reach Dulles quite yet.

The best way to travel to Dulles airport is through ground transportation as they are more fast and convenient. They also differ in cost and convenience, so make sure that you pick a form of transportation that’s suitable for your needs.