Bus Tours in Washington DC

The breathtaking tours of Washington DC

Washington DC provides very good DC charter bus tours for visitors from all around the world. This gives the visitors the chance to explore the city and be able to enjoy its beautiful scenery and extensive tourist attractions. There are a wide variety of ways to tour Washington DC, many of which are interested in their own right. Here are some of the tours of Washington DC:

The Old Town Trolley
This is a tour of Washington DC that is covered by use of a trolley and where the tour is narrated to the tourist. This tour covers over 100 points of interest and also has seventeen stops to enable you to tour at your own leisure and pace.

Open-Top Bus Tour
It offers four routes that provide the people touring with sites to the most popular structure and monuments. The open top of the bus gives people a great and extensive view of Washington DC. The tickets offered are usually available or open for 24 to 48 hours range giving the visitors time to work under their own program. The open bus gives you a chance to learn more about the national memorials and also provides a great view of the White House.

Monuments by Moonlight
This tour is offered in the night time giving the visitors a chance to see the night life of Washington DC. It also provides a chance of hearing great narratives about Washington DC and learn of the speculations of their ghosts that that haunt the nation’s capital. There various stops that provides a great view for site seeing in the night. This one is a little more off the beaten path (and some might think the ghost stories are a bit tacky), but it’s a lot of fun for kids.

Touring Washington DC by foot
The walking tours of Washington DC are usually very engaging to the audience as people explore the national capital. This is a ninety minute tour that begins at Union Station and concludes with a cruise, giving the visitors a full Washington DC experience.

Tour of Washington DC by cruise
The existence of the Potomac River in the nation’s capital brings the opportunity of having breathtaking view of Washington DC by a cruise. It provides for extensive views of the city with the glitter of the river.

Food tours in Washington DC
With the number of restaurants, cafes and public markets growing daily in Washington D it provides a perfect opportunity to have a food tour. This gives the visitor the chance to sample a number of local foods while still having to come in contact with the historical buildings and monuments around Washington DC.